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Monthly or bi-monthly review of Board minutes to identify explicit or implied policy ramifications. Draft revisions of policies are sent to the school system for review, revision and subsequent inclusion in the policy manual. Pertinent legislation, court cases, and Attorney General's Opinons are reviewed for reference information.

All acts passed during the legistlative session are reviewed for any indications which affect Board policy. In accordance with legislation, new policies are drafted and/or changes are made to each Board's exisiting policies and sent along with the Policy Alert newsletter, which reviews and explains the legislative changes. It includes information about other noteworthy acts not requiring any revision in policy. Newsletters are also sent during the year for special sessions, BESE actions, trends or federal actions which affect Board policy. 

In-house visits are designed to give school system personnel a chance to meet fact-to-face with us to discuss procedures for updating policies, language in updated policies, deveoping trends or whatever else may be of interest. Visits to the school system can be arranged whenever desired. Periodic attendance at policy committee meetings can be arranged when necessary. Certain travel expenses incurred may be reimbursed by the school system. 

We are available to assist you with any policy or related management concern you may have. We help Boards by researching subject areas, drafting new policy statements, providing sample statements from other school boards, answering policy questions or analyzing and recommending action in requested areas.


The Policy Updating Service includes four basic services to keep your manual as current and accurate as possible.

Review of Board Minutes
Review of Legistlative Acts; Policy Alert Newsletter
Continual Assistance
In-House Visits
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