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Policy 360 reflects Forethought Consulting, Inc.'s commitment to maintain all aspects of your policy manual, from development to distribution. First, the Policy Updating Service, which is celebrating 30 years of reliable service, strives to maintain your manual's accuracy while at the same time keeping the manual as current as possible by reviewing Board minutes, selected state and federal court cases, pertinent legislation and attorney general's opinions to determine their effects on your policy manual. The second component maintenance of CAPS, goes hand-in-hand with the Policy Updating Service, for as the Board revises and approves policies and minutes, we update the online CAPS program, providing access to policy and minutes through the Board's website. 


As your policy consultants, we are also available to assist you with any policy or related management problems or concerns. Such assistance includes the provision of drafting requested policy statements or providing samples for your review. We also periodically send the Superintendent and Board members the Policy Alert newsletter, containing useful information on various subjects of interest. By retaining Forethought Consulting, Inc. to perform these services, it is hoped that Policy 360 will become an additional management tool upon which you will increasingly rely. 

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